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LET’S DIVE IN | Summer swimsuits from Down Under

Last year while I was enjoying a scorching Aussie summer, I helped photograph/produce a swimsuit shoot for Flamingo Pink (a fabulous fashion, beauty, lifestyle website for those who don’t know). Being frozen solid for the past couple months in the tail end of a Toronto winter, I had almost forgotten about that sunny day where we headed down to the beach, photographed heaps of gorgeous swimmers and ended the shoot with a delicious ice cream treat.

Well, I’m all thawed out now and ready to shop for bikinis, shorts and potentially a tube top. I loved all the bathing suits we used on this shoot and I’m positive that you will too. For all the details and where to buy, check out the full article here on Flamingo Pink.






Melina Morry, fashion blogger at The Lady-like Leopard.

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