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ACCORDING TO VOGUE ITALIA | What you need for a job in fashion

I really want a job in fashion – more than any other job in the world. My dream job is to work for Vogue Magazine. I’ve had some people laugh at that, but I agree that if your dreams don’t frighten you then they’re not big enough – and the thought of an interview at Vogue frightens me greatly.

I can already imagine how sweaty my palms would be and how I might have trouble breathing while sitting in the glamorous lobby waiting for the editor’s assistant to come fetch me. What a glorious image of me that is, isn’t it?

According to Vogue Italia’s editor-in-chief, this is what you’ve got to possess: knowledge.

You need to learn, to know, and to be. Even to have a knowledge of general culture, and what’s happening in the world. So many people come [into the industry] and they don’t know anything – they don’t know anything about photography, the history of photography or of fashion photography. They need to know who Ansel Adams is, so that they understand references.”

And also, an individual style.

“Only you can find your style. Anybody can make fashion today and anybody an make a good collection, but to have your own style, that’s important. When you say Ralph Lauren, it’s Ralph Lauren. When you say Armani, it’s Armani. Chanel is Chanel. All these brands became exactly the brand of the style. You can even take off the brand [from the designs] but you recognize that it’s Chanel, or that this is Prada. This is what makes you successful. If you only follow the economic quest, which makes it the marketing, I don’t think you can last long.”

I am working my very best to gain all the knowledge I can, be comfortable in my own style and to understand the ins & outs of the fashion world. Something that helps me become more aware of the industry is working with other people who are trying to do the same thing as I am. Surrounding yourself with people who have similar interests will propel you into working harder towards your dreams.

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  2. fashionfollowsher

    I grew up dreaming of Vogue too… it’s like the mothership of fashion.


  3. sincerelyregan

    Love all of the tips- I am going to school for fashion merchandising and am very excited to pursue my passion in this field!


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