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TRAVEL DIARIES | Join me on my Galiano Island getaway in Vancouver Island

I got back to Victoria last night from a relaxing, hilarious and much needed weekend away from the city on Galiano Island. I am a bonafide city girl, but I definitely enjoy getting back to nature every now and then. It was so amazing to be on the ocean for a few days. I adore Toronto but miss that ocean air – smells so good.

I had the best time being with my sister – who lives in Sydney, Australia – and with my dad – who lives in Victoria, BC. It’s so hard to be so far away from family but it makes our visits so much more exciting and special. My sister and I barely stopped laughing for long enough to wolf down hot dogs, chocolate bars, chips and ice creams – not the typical diet of someone who works in the fashion industry, but hey, nothing counts on a long weekend, right?

On Sunday morning there was a little flea market at the tiny Galiano Island town hall. I started on the left hand side of the room and worked my way around, searching for any gem I may be able to get my bargain-hunting hands on. When we came to the last table, we hit the absolute jackpot. The two ladies sitting at the booth had put out two bags of tangled vintage jewellery. “We’re just going to take this over here and sort through it,” we told them.

We laid out – and untangled – all the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, and rings and each chose about 5 things. We took our goodies back to the table and the ladies said it would be $1 a piece. (No, you didn’t read that wrong – each piece was one dollar.) Fortunately – for us – the woman got lazy counting all the jewels and said “Let’s just call it $8.” SCORE.

Next we stopped in at a soap shop after the flea market. It was like Galiano’s very own Lush – except instead of being in a fancy mall it was in the middle of a farm surrounded by rolling hills, llamas and horses.

The soaps were incredible and all smelled so delicious. My favourites were the cucumber/melon and the coconut – heavenly. I ended up buying a couple candles for my room and some lavender + nettle tea.

Galiano Island is crazy for stinging nettle. It grows wildly all over the island. Did you know that nettle has more vitamins and goodness in it than kale and spinach?!

I love how cute and quaint the island is. It was like entering a different universe – a universe very different to my downtown Toronto lifestyle, but a very lovely universe indeed.


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