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101 VAGINAS | The exhibit on everyone’s lips (no pun intended)

Q: Why do women have two sets of lips?
A: One to b*tch with and one to apologize with.

Okay, that might have been straddling the line of inappropriate due to the usual classy nature my posts take, but I promise it was relevant…

101 VAGINAS | The exhibit on everyone’s lips (no pun intended)

101 VAGINAS | The exhibit on everyone's lips (no pun intended) - the lady-like leopard

When you hear the number one hundred and one, do you automatically think Dalmatians? Well, you’re about to have a very different thought. Lets think more along the lines of cats not dogs. Pussycats, if you will. Okay, enough beating around the bush… Vaginas. Yes, one hundred and one of them. Black and white photographs of prickly, bare, tattooed, natural, large, small, dark, and light vaginas lined every wall.

I found myself slightly taken aback when I first walked through the open door (something which the community petitioned against, complaining it wasn’t suitable for the pics to be viewed from the street). The first few photos made me giggle. Slowly the giggles subsided until I was just staring in a sort of strange awe. I was almost in disbelief that these women would allow themselves to be photographed in such a vulnerable way.

Philip Warner, the artist and photographer, says the idea behind the exhibit is to break down the walls of shame around body image. The collection of photos is meant to celebrate the diverseness of women, praise their uniqueness.

“It is also about beauty… and the beauty of open hearts, sharing vulnerabilities, pain, trust, love, hope, and courage,” he says.

Does anyone remember the episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte has the vagina exhibit at her gallery? And the artist asks if he can paint her vagina? I felt a little like Charlotte yesterday afternoon. Not that anyone asked to paint mine, but I felt her shyness turned into curiosity turned into self acceptance of… downstairs. I honestly don’t think often of mine, but I did feel better about it after seeing one hundred and one others.

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