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UN SAVEUR DE PARIS | My 22nd birthday in Sydney, Australia

I’m 22 years old! I had a fabulous birthday. I got my hair done (and I may or may not have shaved part of my head – always loved taking hair risks), I had a delicious pancake brunch, and I went out for a decadent french dinner with my family. The only thing that was missing was my beloved Canadians!

Twenty one was such a thrilling year. So much happened, so much changed. I guess that’s what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life! It’s very exciting. When I was young(er) my Grammy used to get my sister and I to write down what we thought we were going to be doing at different ages. I wonder what I would have written for 22? I doubt I would have predicted I would be living across the world from home and studying journalism.

Life is so unpredictable and amazing. Cherish every moment!

UN SAVEUR DE PARIS | My 22nd birthday in Sydney, Australia

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So, picture this: You walk down a dimly lit street in the duskiness of the evening and you come to a little house on the left side of the road. There is a menu on a stand and one little sign in the garden that says “Saveur“.

You walk down a winding path to the front door. There is a sign that reads ‘ring for service.’ You press the button. A tall, French gentleman opens the front door and says, “Bonjour mademoiselles, welcome.” He leads you in through this charming house to your own section of the restaurant. It’s more like a private room. You sit at a table for five and await the arrival of the other guests. Sound lavish?

Then you have wine, laughs, and delicious French cuisine. By the end of the meal you’re the only ones left in the restaurant. It starts to feel like home. Until your waiter brings you the bill. (Which you then pass to your mother. Hey, it is your birthday after all.)

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