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SYDNEY WRITER’S FESTIVAL | Print is not dying – or so they say

This week I took a wander the Sydney Writer’s Festival. I had the change to stop by a seminar about “literary revival” – one of my greatest hopes. It was super interesting. There was a panel of 4 editors/authors who spoke about their experiences in the print business.

It’s been my dream since I was a kid to work in print. Even though many people are convinced that print is dying, I refuse to give up hope. Call me old fashioned but I love holding a print copy. Kindle? What’s that?


Here are 3 things I learned at Sydney Writer’s Festival:

1. Print is not dying. But we all need to help keep it alive.

2. If you want to write for a magazine, buy magazines. And know the magazine (or publishing company) you want to work for inside and out.

3. It’s never too late to start a writing career. One magazine had submissions from an 80 year old that were just as interesting and well written as that of a 30 year old.

(On another note, we answered some questions from a couple people with a typewriter who said they would write a poem for us and to come collect it when we finished the seminar. When we came to collect our poem, they were gone! Who were these people?!)

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