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Take a Trip Off the Beaten Path and Head to These Stunning Destinations Instead

gorgeously rare vacations | travel | the lady-like leopard

You’ve planned the perfect holiday. You have no intention of doing anything but sitting on the beach, strolling leisurely through the nearest town, and quietly observing the locals. Only you can’t. You’re surrounded by tourists who want to tick things off their bucket list and push to get a picture of a famous monument just to say they were there. (Ugh, so annoying.) Often it feels like getting away for a week has become less about culture and more about fighting off other tourists! And that’s where these gorgeously rare vacations come into play.

Consider going to lesser known destinations, off the beaten path, and discovering somewhere entirely new. So, we’ve got four exciting new (to you, maybe) spots to check out! 

Take a Trip Off the Beaten Path and Take These Gorgeously Rare Vacations

gorgeously rare vacations | travel | the lady-like leopard

Costalegre, Mexico

Often referred to as The Virgin Coast, Costalegre is the ultimate beach getaway in Mexico. It’s so remote that you’ll have to fly into Puerto Vallarta or Manzanillo and get a small jet charter to fly you the rest of the way. Las Alamandas Hotel even has its own landing strip! You’ll feel as if no one has visited this beach before. The white sand is unspoiled, the water is a clear turquoise, and the trees are lush and green. As if that were not isolating enough, there is very little cell reception, so there are no interruptions from the outside world to disturb your getaway.

gorgeously rare vacations | travel | the lady-like leopard

Mont St Michel, France

Nothing will isolate you from the modern world like a barrier of water. Mont St Michel is a tidal town located off the coast of Normandy. When the tide is in, it’s cut off by a natural moat, and can only be accessed again when the tide is out. This is a destination for history lovers. The island is home to a Gothic Abbey, where prisoners were held during the French Revolution.

gorgeously rare vacations | travel | the lady-like leopard

Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Perhaps you’re considering a winter holiday this time? If so, it doesn’t get any cooler than the Icehotel in Sweden – the world’s first hotel made purely from ice and snow. Staying here will definitely be an experience to blog about. Everything from the beds, the church, the main hall, the bar, to the glasses in the bar are carved from ice. Don’t let that put you off entirely, though. There are some warm rooms available! And you can mix things up during your stay by alternating between hot and cold rooms every night.

gorgeously rare vacations | travel | the lady-like leopard

Ferragudo, Portugal

Wander away from the big cities and tourist traps, and you will capture the real essence of a country. Ferragudo is in west Algarve, Portugal, far away from the crowds. It’s home to many fishermen, and there is a lovely town square where you can spend hours sitting at a cafe or venture towards the quay where there are a variety of restaurants to choose from. There is no one pushing in front of you to take a picture of a monument. There are no tourists marching in a line trying to follow a tour guide. Just you, and your leisurely exploration of a new city.

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